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10 Commandments
by posted 11/02/2019

1) You shall support and encourage your child, attend games and cheer for all the players, including the opposition.

2) You shall play the sport with your child outside practices if the child wants to, but not push your child into doing so. Pushing your child can cause resentment and burnout.

3) You shall practice good sportsmanship and avoid yelling at your child about the child’s performance during or after games, even when said child deserves it.

4) You shall realize youth sports are for kids, not adults, and not compare your child to another player nor sibling in either a positive or negative manner.

5) You shall avoid critiquing your child’s or any other player’s game performance on the car ride home. You will only discuss the game if the child wants to.

6) You shall bring your child to practices and games on time and contact the coaches if your child cannot attend or will be late for a practice or game.

7) You will endeavor to always be a positive role model for all children and avoid complaining about or yelling at referees, even when they make bad calls or screw up royally. When tempted to violate this commandment, you will remind yourself referees are often volunteers, teenagers or in training themselves.

8) You shall understand that while winning is fun, youth sports research clearly shows kids would rather play on a losing team, than sit the bench on a winning one. This understanding will include the fact that all kids need to play significant minutes – not just your kid or the best ones — and make mistakes during games to have fun and improve. Children mature and progress at different rates. Michael Jordan was cut from the Varsity as a high school sophomore and Bill Russell was only 5’9 as a sophomore in high school.

9) You shall not coach your child or any other players from the sidelines or stands. If you have a problem with the “official” coach, you will address it in private with said coach. If you would like to coach, you will volunteer to be one.

10) You shall always remember you are the adult and act like one. It is much more difficult for a child to deal with an out-of-control parent than for a parent (that is, you) to deal with an out-of-control child.

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Practice Schedule
by posted 10/31/2019


At the coachs' meeting last night, Cheve and I learned that there would not be a final game schedule published until 11/25. The coaches feel that the kids will need 8-9 practices prior to gametime to get ready for play. 

So, I will try to navigate thru the JPS team page and see if I can't create a basketball practice calendar for everyone, then once the schedule comes out, we we revise based on any conflcts. 

The spirit of the scheduling will be to keep practices PLUS game nights to 3-4 times per week. It seems that we played most of our games last season on Fridays and Saturdays. If that remains consistent, then we will practice likely Tuesdays and Wednesdays and have 2 game nights. We will always ONLY add practices Mon-Thurs, and never on a Friday or Saturday, should the game schedule not have us playing on those days. 

In short, expect to practice Tuesday Wed and Thurs until the season begins, and expect our Wednesday practice to always be at WJMS. Tuesday 11/12 6pm at Elk Creek Elementary (ECE) will be our first practice, Wed 11/13 6 pm at WJMS will be our second, and Thurs 11/14 6 pm back at ECE. The following week will likely be the same schedule, though I am looking for openings on a hard wood court (WJMS, EPRD, CHS) so far with no love for the middle schoolers :( 

Regarding practices, here are some updates and things to keep in mind: 

--I have practice jerseys (11 of various sizes) to distribute at our first practice. Please tell the boys to not wear last years uniforms for practice - those our this years uniforms too. Practice jersey sizes and numbers will be first come first serve so plan to show up on 11/12 a little early to get on of those. 

--Kids should bring a basketball to practice, but never to a game. Coaches will have enough balls for game nights. 

--Please have the boys bring a water bottle

--Arrival to practice by the scheduled time is essential to a smooth practice. This year we will have more structure. The kids should be ready to run at 6 pm., not showing up to tie shoes, get loose, and then go. 15 minutes early is a good target arrival time. I will be giving the players specfic warm-up instructions to have completed prior to practice start. 


More info to come. Please feel free to call me directly to discuss player issues or concerns or goals. It's going to be a fun year. We have 11 players, and they all will be competing for playing time. Please help me set the tone that they will be earning every minute thru their demonstration of Teamwork, Leadership, and Commitment. We are going to go hard from start to finish. 

Happy Halloween on behalf of the Coaches Ponto, Cheve, and Dave. 

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