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Open to the youth basketball players, grades 2-8

Gold Crown Try-outs:

Ralston Valley High School Main Gym


**All tryouts will be held on Sunday September 12th**

Sunday September 12th

2nd/3rd/4th Grade Boys, 11am-12:30pm @ Ralston Valley High School

***Mandatory Parent Meeting After from 12:30pm-1pm***

5th/6th Grade Boys, 1pm-2:30pm @ Ralston Valley High School

***Mandatory Parent Meeting After from 2:30pm-3pm***

7th/8th Grade Boys, 3pm-4:30pm @ Ralston Valley High School

***Mandatory Parent Meeting After from 4:30pm-5pm***

All tryouts are at Ralston Valley High School. Please bring a basketball. Registration will be at the door when you come to tryouts.  Please communicate with RV youth coordinator Stephen Bahl.

Please Contact Stephen Bahl for more info on Boys RV youth basketball.


Sunday, August 29th at Ralston Valley High School. 

3rd-5th Graders 10:30pm-12:00pm
6th-8th Graders 12:30pm-2:00pm

You can access the Ralston Valley Girls Gold Crown website for more info.

-Bring a reversible jersey

-Bring a basketball

-Bring a water bottle

Most teams will play in the Gold Crown Silver/Gold division and also in the Jefferson County Basketball Conference.  Cost to play will depend on the number of players on your team and whether you play in both divisions.  Tournaments, jerseys, warm-ups, etc. are not included in the price to participate.  If you are not placed on a GC team, you will be placed on a team participating in the Jefferson County Basketball Conference.


See Winter League Home Page for specific dates, costs and additional information.


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