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Open to the youth basketball players, grades 2-8


Gold Crown and winter league Try-outs:

2019/20 Team Placement

Team Placement will take place on Sunday, September 8th, 2019 in the D'Evelyn High School gym. Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start time so we can stay on schedule. We need volunteers to assist with the sign-in process. Please send an email to director@develynyouthbasketball.org if you're interested in helping.


K-2nd Grade Boys & Girls
Check-in: 8:30am
Start: 9:00am
3rd Grade Boys & Girls
Check-in: 9:30am
Start: 10:00am
4th Grade Boys & Girls
Check-in: 10:30am
Start: 11:00am
5th Grade Boys & Girls
Check-in: 11:30am
Start: 12:00pm
6th Grade Boys & Girls
Check-in: 1:00pm
Start: 1:30pm
7th Grade Boys
Check-in: 2:00pm
Start: 2:30pm
7th Grade Girls
Check-in: 3:00pm
Start: 3:30pm
8th Grade Boys
Check-in: 4:00pm
Start: 4:30pm
8th Grade Girls
Check-in: 5:00pm


For more information visit the D'Evelyn Youth Basketball Website.


-Bring a reversible jersey

-Bring a basketball

-Bring a water bottle

Most teams will play in the Gold Crown Silver/Gold division and also in the Jefferson County Basketball Conference.  Cost to play will depend on number of players on your team and if you play in both divisions.  Tournaments, Jerseys, Warmups etc are not included in the price to participate.  If you are not placed on a GC team, you will be placed on a team participating in the Jefferson County Basketball Conference.


See Winter League Home Page for specific dates, costs and additional information.

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