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Open to the youth basketball players, grades 5-8

Pomona Feeder Team Tryouts

All boys in 5th through 8th grade at Pomona area schools that are interested in playing basketball should attend the team organization days at Pomona High School Gymnasium.  Come around to the North-East side of the building for entry.

Leagues:       Gold Crown Foundation (5th-8th grade) Competitive

Green Mountain/Alameda Youth Basketball League(3rd-8th grade) Recreational and Competitive levels

                        APEX Center League-Recreational(All ages)

Dates:  September 23rd, 7-8:30 PM

Have the boys bring basketball attire, a ball if they have one, water bottle, and be ready to play when they arrive.

We will assess the boy’s skills to determine which level will be appropriate and place them on a team commensurate with their abilities so they can have success.

We will do our best to make sure everyone who wants to play will be able to participate with one of our teams.

During these meetings we will also be looking for volunteers to coach the teams.  Experience is not essential but will help.  We will run clinics to help you organize practices and give you direction for your team.

If you have questions regarding these tryouts or other basketball questions please contact us.

Jon Baskin

Head Basketball Coach-Pomona High School


Most teams will play in the Gold Crown Silver/Gold division and also in the Jefferson County Basketball Conference.  Cost to play will depend on the number of players on your team and whether you play in both divisions.  Tournaments, jerseys, warm-ups, etc. are not included in the price to participate.  If you are not placed on a GC team, you will be placed on a team participating in the Jefferson County Basketball Conference.


See Winter League Home Page for specific dates, costs and additional information.



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