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Just Play Sports is excited to announce we now have online training: LOYO - League Of Your Own: The Virtual Coach!  We are excited to announce a partnership with JB Hoops Association.  JB Hoops Association is an online basketball training program that can be customized for individual player’s needs.  The Just Play Sports' excellent staff will be customizing workouts that are on skill level with the JPS standards.  Once signed up and logged into the App, you will receive 3 workouts a week. There are video demonstrations for each drill within the workout.  Each workout will take 30-45 minutes and can be done in the driveway!  



So how is LOYO different than all the other training Apps?  With LOYO, your player can video record themselves doing the drills and send it back to OUR coaches.  The JP Sports coaches will analyze your player's video, and give them feedback on what they are doing well and what they can improve on.  This program is like getting 3 private training sessions a week!  



Each week, LOYO will have an individual leaderboard based on weekly compliance / completion rates of workouts, along with weekend contests. Leaderboards will be updated weekly. At the end of each month, the winner of the individual leaderboard will receive official LOYO Gear!    



Remember to share information about LOYO with your friends, neighbors, cousins, co-workers, and family members world-wide to grow the LOYO movement!



The coaches and staff look forward to having you join us for this amazing program.  We miss being in the gym with you and can’t wait to get started!




  • Cost: $99.00/Month
  • Ages: Boys & Girls, ideal for ages 5-18 (customized workouts for each age / skill level)
  • Signup Deadline: anytime you're ready to improve your game
  • A "How To" Zoom Webinar will get you started with the technology (simple to get going)
  • Click Here to Register!


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