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Game Officials Information...

Hello Basketball Officials - Great news, JPSports will be using High Rock Sports as its primary referee assignor, meaning same-day payments for most events and an assignor who will often be on-site supporting you.  Officiate JPS tournaments and Leagues by getting certified with High Rock Sports; it should take about 5-10 minutes to register. We look forward to having you work the Freedom Classic and other upcoming JPSports events!

CERTIFICATION for High Rock Sports Game Officials - CLICK HERE.

Contact: Darren Pitzner (920) 728-0441, highrocksportsassignor@gmail.com with any questions.

Game Officials Pay Scale Per Game, 5on5: (JPS 5on5 Games are Two 20-minute halves, stop-clock last 2-minutes; game duration 60-minutes)

  • $24 per 5on5 game for Level 1 (Beginner / Newer Official within the past 5 years). Have mechanics and game management down? Request an evaluation from High Rock Sports for approval to move up a level. 
  • $27 per 5on5 game for Level 2 (Experienced and/or High School Certified, but not patched) 
  • $30 per 5on5 game for Level 3 (CHSAA patched in good standing).
  • $32 per 5on5 game for Level 4 (College certified).
    • Experienced Levels 2, 3, and 4 officials all require proper mechanics and game management. 
    • Beginner Level 1 officials NEED to strive for this. 

Game Officials Pay Scale Per Game, 3on3 (JPS 3on3 Games are 23-minute running clock games; game duration 30-minutes)

  • $12.50 pr 3on3 game for Level 1 (Beginner).
  • $14.00 per 3on3 game for Levels 2, 3, and 4 (Experienced, HS / College Certified).

 Application (required to officiate JPS events): 

 Blank W9 forms (required to officiate JPS events):