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Click Here to Register for LOYO - the top-tier virtual coaching program for youth basketball!


Details of LOYO:

  • What is LOYO? League Of Your Own is a Virtual Coaching tool, where youth players receive personal coaching from JP Sports coaching staff through the JB Hoops Association Digital Interface: watch the workout, record your workout using your phone or tablet, and get focused feedback from your coach!
  • How much is LOYO?  For JP Sports members, LOYO fills the gap between club baseketball and private coach/trainer sessions, and helps immediately correct bad repetitions that lead to bad habits, all for $99 per month.
  • What do I get for my monthly fee?  LOYO players will be sent 2-3 one-hour workout sessions per week, and instructions from their coach on what to upload, and what to report (shots made, shots attempted, etc.).


Guaranteed to Elevate your game, Just Play Sports (JPS) and JB Hoops Association are now giving you access to the top-tier basketball skills platform that brings everyday practice into the digital age complete with feedback from your personal coach. JPS, Colorado’s go-to source for everything from basketball events to leagues is excited about this new partnership with JB Hoops Association.


About the LOYO (League Of Your Own) Just Play Sports / JB Hoops Association Virtual Coach System:

We fill the critical gap between club basketball and private / group sessions:

  • Players doing other sports keep your skills up in the offseason
  • Current players make the most of your practice at home
  • Great for a busy schedule


It is simple to customize your own training plan and get a head start on next season:

  • 1:1 virtual coaching from a JPS personal coach, combined with extensive instructional content demonstrated by industry pros
  • Drills, data, and science that translates deliberate practice and focused effort to performance on the court – ball handling, shooting, attacking, agility, etc.
  • Leaderboard and skills challenges that keep the competitive spirit going year round

[JPS presents the League of Your Own (LOYO) online leaderboard]


We believe the ingredients of success are borne out of a passion for the game. It is this shared passion that has brought JB Hoops Association and JPS together. It all starts with a click, but the rewards will play out for decades as you develop the skills to go further.

If you are a coach who has participated in Just Play Sports events or leagues with 20+ players and are interested in learning more about how we can assist your organization leveraging Just Play Sports powered by JB Hoops Association, please send an email to requesting details.