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"This has been amazing to use.  Getting detailed coaching with detailed individualized drills for my son has improved his skills tremendously.  It is nice to be able to communicated about each drill and get critiques directly from his coach.  Very user friendly! I highly recommend it.”


"My son grabbed the iPad, read the workout, watched the demo videos, and then was off doing his workout with perfect form.  Thank you!!"


“You guys are crushing it!  We are seriously so grateful for all the time and energy you and the coaches are pouring into these boys.  We are amazed at how much better he has gotten by doing these drills every day.  It’s such a gift to us in this hard time- for him to have connection and motivation to the sport he is passionate about has been a saving grace in this season of less social interaction and in person workouts.”


“He absolutely loves it.  The virtual coaches have been awesome!”


“We LOVE them so much!!”      |     “It has been awesome during quarantine!!” 


“My kids have improved a ton!!”     |     “You get individualized drills and feedback. It’s awesome.”


“It has been amazing to watch my boys improve....it’s pretty sweet to see the progress over time.”